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VarietyR/WEst. AvailabilityAvailabile?Price/GalBrixTApHRecommendations
Diamond White, Heritage (Native)Sep 14 - Sep 17No$8.25170.893.00

9/14/23: brix=15.5, TA=0.84, pH=3.0
9/21/23: brix=17, TA=0.89, pH=2.93

Niagara White, Heritage (Native)Sep 14 - Sep 17Sold-out$5.7512.5.873.04
Baco Noir Red, Regional (Hybrid)Sep 14 - Sep 17Sold-out$8.2515.51.772.98

Reduce Acid by using 71B yeast, calcium carbonate/Limestone.

Rosette Pink, Regional (Hybrid)Sep 14 - Sep 17Sold-out$7.9516.0.683.15
Delaware Pink, Regional (Hybrid)Sep 21 - Sep 24Sold-out$8.2518.40.773.12
Lakemont White, Regional (Hybrid), SeedlessSep 21 - Sep 24Sold-out$7.9520.40.673.00
Seyval Blanc White, Regional (Hybrid)Sep 21 - Sep 24Sold-out$8.5018.51.012.97
Concord Red, Heritage (Native)Sep 21 - Oct 15Sold-out$5.75

9/21/23 Brix: 13.5, TA: 1.05, pH:2.99
10/1/23 Brix: 15.0, TA: 1.1, pH:2.96
10/6/23 changed at 11:30am Brix: 15.5, TA: 1.04, pH: 3.08
10/12/23 changed at 10am Brix:16.0, TA: 0.93, pH: 3.07

Rougeon Red, Regional (Hybrid)Sep 21 - Sep 24Sold-out$7.5015.51.293.03
Aromella Regional (Hybrid), WhiteSep 28 - Oct 1No$12.50
Cayuga White White, Regional (Hybrid)Sep 28 - Oct 1Sold-out$8.50180.833.04

9/28/23 Brix=17.2, TA=1.01, pH=2.93
10/6/23 Brix=18.0, TA=0.83, pH=3.04

Grüner Veltliner White, Classic (Vinifera)Sep 28 - Oct 1Sold-out$17.0016.60.833.14
Muscat Ottonel White, Classic (Vinifera)Sep 24 - Sep 27Sold-out$19.003.60
Ravat 51 (Vignoles) White, Regional (Hybrid)Sep 28 - Oct 1Sold-out$10.2520.01.612.81

Reduce acid by 0.3

Valvin Muscat White, Regional (Hybrid)Sep 28 - Oct 1Sold-out$12.5017.31.023.18
DeChaunac Red, Regional (Hybrid)Sep 28 - Oct 1Sold-out$8.2517.01.013.23
Chardonnay White, Classic (Vinifera)Oct 5 - Oct 8Sold-out$17.8521.1.783.14

10/12/23 Brix:20.8, TA:0.60, pH: 3.36

Chancellor Red, Regional (Hybrid)Oct 5 - Oct 8Sold-out$8.0018.61.293.05

Reduce acid by 0.2

Corot Noir ® Red, Regional (Hybrid)Oct 5 - Oct 8Sold-out$8.2515.01.023.10
Noiret ® Red, Regional (Hybrid)Oct 5 - Oct 8Sold-out$8.2516.51.143.12

10/12/23 Brix: 17.3, TA=1.04, pH: 3.04

Catawba Heritage (Native), PinkOct 12 - Oct 15Sold-out$5.6017.01.202.98

reduce acid by 0.3

Riesling White, Classic (Vinifera)Oct 12 - Oct 15Sold-out$18.00190.813.05
Traminette White, Regional (Hybrid)Oct 12 - Oct 15No$11.50
Vidal Blanc White, Regional (Hybrid)Oct 12 - Oct 15Sold-out$8.7521.00.933.06
Vincent Red, Regional (Hybrid)Oct 12 - Oct 15Sold-out$8.7516.81.093.17

We take pride in being trusted Finger Lakes wine juice distributors. We understand the vital role that premium wine juice plays in the winemaking process, and we are dedicated to ensuring that winemakers have access to the finest grape juice for their craft. As experienced wine juice distributors, we offer a diverse range of grape juice varieties, carefully sourced and pressed to perfection, allowing you to craft exceptional wines. Our high quality wine making juice creates a foundation for remarkable wines that will please the masses.

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