Léon Millot (Foster)

Family Grape
Type Red, Regional (Hybrid)

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About Léon Millot Grapes
Léon Millot is a dark-skinned red variety French-American hybrid grape that is widely grown in the United States, Canada, Alsace, and Switzerland. The variety was created by Eugène Kuhlmann in 1911 at the Oberlin Institute in Colmar, Alsace by crossing Millardet et Grasset with Goldriesling. Léon Millot is the genetic twin of Maréchal Foch, born in 1911 of Eugene Kuhlmann’s crossing of Goldriesling with another North American hybrid. Léon Millot is sometimes called “Leon Millot Rouge” (or “Foster’s Leon”) to distinguish it from “Leon Millot Noir” (aka “Wagner’s Leon”).

Léon Millot ripens early in the vineyard and has high resistance to fungal diseases. It is well suited for cultivation in colder climates, which in turn make it suitable for marginal regions where the growing season is otherwise limited. However, they are quite sulfur sensitive and require well-tended soil.

As a wine, Léon Millot is light to medium-bodied with very deep color, low tannins, a range of berry aromas, and subtle notes of white pepper (otherwise described as a herbaceous flavor). These medium vigor wines pair well with pork terrine, steak and kidney pie, and roast turkey with walnut stuffing.

It makes a good Burgundy style wine and is full-bodied. Wines made from these grapes are similar to those made from Foch, with distinct berry aromas; at times, Léon Millot grapes are blended with Foch to create distinctively flavored wines.

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