Family Grape
Type Regional (Hybrid), White
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Availability: Sep 28 - Oct 1

About Aromella Grapes
Aromella grapes are the newest grape in the Finger Lakes region to be turned into a bona fide commercial wine, and the first wine grape developed by Cornell University to debut in eight years. They are considered a winter-hardy white grape with aromatic/muscate characteristics.

The Aromella grape was developed in 1976 at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station at Cornell University in Geneva, NY, resulting from a cross between Traminette and Ravat varieties. However, it was until 2005 that Goose Watch winery owner Dave Peterson planted the grape in one of his vineyards. It took another eight years for it to be made into wine (the 2013 vintage), and another season to make it to the shelves.

Aromella grapes are used to produce a white wine that is similar to the Italian Moscato wine. Full of peach and other tropical fruit aromas, Aromella grapes produce a flavor that is consistently described as aromatic, exhibiting notes of pineapple, honeysuckle, citrus peel, and floral.

Aromella grapes are well suited for commercial production of aromatic/muscat white wines. Because of these grapes’ high level of midwinter cold-hardiness and the ability to ripen mid-season, they are highly productive in upstate New York weather conditions and are a wonderful vineyard addition to allow for full-season growing. They are suitable to be used as a varietal or for blending purposes in other wines.

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