Ravat 51 (Vignoles)

Family Grape
Type White, Regional (Hybrid)
Juice Price$10.25

Availability: Sep 30 - Oct 3

Ravat 51, or “Vignoles” is a white hybrid cross made by J.F. Ravat in 1930 between Seibel 6905 x ‘Pinot de Corton’. Named by the Finger Lakes Wine Growers Association in 1970, Vignoles is very suitable for dessert and late harvest style wines and can be harvested late, however for table wines is usually harvested the last week in September. The vine itself is moderately vigorous and can produce adequate sugar while retaining high acidity making a “crisp” wine with a nose resembling tropical fruit. Can resemble both Riesling as well as Chardonnay (one of its ancestors).

Wines produced from Ravat 51 (Vignoles) resemble Riesling in character with exceptional quality, also can produce award winning dessert style wines with high acid and good balance. Crisp flavors with a tropical fruit nose.


Reduce acid by 0.2 with Calcium Carbonate (limestone)

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