Corot Noir ® - A Cornell Hybrid

Family Grape
Type Red, Regional (Hybrid)
Juice Price$6.50
Crushed Price.66

Availability: Oct 8 - Oct 11

Developed by the grape breeding program at Cornell University and is a hybrid red wine grape resulting from a cross between Seyve Villard 18-307 and ‘Steuben’ On deep fertile soils, vines can be excessively vegetative, leading to the production of abundant secondary and tertiary clusters. Disease resistance of is good with slight susceptibility to black rot and powdery mildew. It is, however, susceptible to downy mildew, and when conditions are conducive, downy mildew can lead to severe defoliation.

Wines are suitable for blending or as a varietal. Deep red color, attractive cherry and berry fruit with good tannin structure.

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