Delaware Grapes

Delaware Grapes
Family Grape
Type Pink, Regional (Hybrid)
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About Delaware Grapes
Delaware grapes were most likely discovered in Frenchtown, New Jersey, and were first produced commercially by George Campbell of Delaware, Ohio sometime in the 1850s. Although it is considered to be an American grape variety, its parentage is unknown. It is thought to have a significant Vitis vinifera component in its heritage, which likely explains its susceptibility to fungal diseases and its need to be grafted onto Phylloxera-resistant root stock in order to achieve optimal growth. Certain experts speculate it is a hybrid of V. labrusca, V. vinifera, and “bourquiniana” grapes, a class of vines now believed to be hybrids of Vitis aestivalis.

Delaware grapes typically ripen mid-to late-September and have a pale red, almost pinkish color. The skin is tender and the flesh is juicy and sweet. Delaware grapes have small fruit clusters with small berries that do not have the pronounced ‘foxiness’ of other V. labrusca grapes. They are a slip-skin variety, meaning that the skin of the grape is easily separated from the fruit.

Wines created from Delaware grapes include dry, sweet, and icewine varieties, although the grapes are most known for creating spicy sparkling wines that do not have the distinct “foxiness” character that other V. labrusca grapes bring to their wines. No matter which variety is created, Delaware grapes make for a very pleasing wine of good balance and varietal character.

Delaware grapes are great not only for table wines, but also for juices. Depending on the growing season, juice can be white to pink in color. Delaware Punch is a popular juice-based beverage named for the Delaware grape from which its flavor is derived.

In other parts of the world, the Delaware grape is a common table grape variety that you can find in supermarkets throughout South Korea and Japan.

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