Cayuga White

Family Grape
Type White, Regional (Hybrid)
U-Pick Price$.52
Juice Price$7.90

Availability: Sep 30 - Oct 3

Named at Geneva in 1972, is one of the most productive and disease resistant varieties grown in New York. Its wine has been highly rated, having medium body, and good balance. Very versatile, it lends itself to making semi-sweet wines emphasizing the fruity aromas, and can also be made as a dry, less fruity wine with oak aging. When harvested early, it can produce a very attractive sparkling wine with good acidity, good structure, and pleasant aromas. When over-ripe, however, it can develop strong hybrid aromas with slight foxy overtones. With excellent cultural characteristics producing high quality wines Cayuga White is an important variety in New York.

Wines made From Cayuga are fruity with aromas resembling apples, citrus and tropical fruit, ages well and is easy to work with. Produces wines with excellent character and a rich mouth-feel.

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