pasteurized grape juice

Fulkerson Winery is now taking orders for packaged pressed grape juice. Our wine juices are shelf stable and do not require refrigeration.
If you’d like to special order a variety not listed, this may be an option as well. Packaged in 12 or 24 packs. Availability may be seasonal on certain varieties of wine juices.

10 ounce red grape juice bottle with white label "Concord cold pressed grape juice" with gold cap.
VarietySize (oz) MSRP
Cider: Burgundy10 (24pk)$4.00
Cider: Cortland10 (24pk)$3.50
Cider: Empire10 (24pk)$3.50
Cabernet Franc10 (12pk)$6.00
Catawba10 (12pk)$3.50
Chancellor10 (24pk)$3.50
Concord10 (24pk)$3.50
34 (6pk)$8.00
Diamond10 (24pk)$3.50
Himrod10 (24pk)$3.50
Niagara 10 (24pk)$3.50
 34 (6pk)$8.00
Riesling10 (12pk)$4.50
Rosette10 (24pk)$4.00
Syrah10 (12pk)$6.00
Valvin Muscat10 (12pk)$3.50

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