' Fulkerson Winery - Dornfelder U-Pick and Grape Juice in the Finger Lakes

Dornfelder U-Pick and Grape Juice in the Finger Lakes

A German vinifera variety which ripens early, usually the first or second week in September. Moderate sugar content, deep in color with dark berry fl avors and low in tannin. Dornfelder has become quite popular in Germany since it performs well under viticultural conditions which traditionally were seen as more suitable for white wine production. Traditionally, the red wines of Germany were mostly pale and light-bodied, but new breeds of dark-skinned grapes like that of Dornfelder have allowed the production of more internationally-styled reds. Dornfelder has a depth of colour, good acidity needs very little or no oak during the aging process, although it does have the ability to be benefited by oak. Good to drink while it is young.

This variety does very well in the Finger Lakes and is an excellent Vinifera for beginner and advanced home wine maker alike. Fulkerson Winery is one of the only wineries in the United States to make a varietal out of this wonderful grape variety. Dornfelder Grapes