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Gear up for 2016, another vintage is upon us! We will start taking orders on Monday, August 29th

We are open daily from 9AM- 5PM (Starting September 1st).  Feel free to call with any
questions or concerns you may have about your juice/wine.

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We do recommend a Malo-Lactic Fermentation for all red varieties done on skins. (This is not required, only a suggestion)

Himrod W Sept 15-18 $7.00 Juice used for Matinee
Baco Noir R* Sept 15-18 $7.00  
Diamond W Sept 15-18 $6.00  
Niagara W Sept 15-Sept 25 $6.00  
Léon Millot (Foster) R* Sept 22-18 $7.00  
Delaware W  Sept 22-25 $5.50  
Lakemont Seedless W  Sept 22-25 $6.50  
Seyval Blanc W Sept 22-25 $7.00  
Maréchal Foch R* Sept 22-25 $7.00  
Rosette R*  Sept 22-25 $5.50  
Rougeon R*  Sept 22-25 $6.00 MINOR Component of RED ZEPPELIN
Concord R* Sept 22-Oct 16
Pinot Noir R* Sept 27 $1.80/lb AVAILABLE AS CRUSHED FRUIT ONLY
Vignoles (Ravat 51) W Sept 29-Oct 2 $9.00  
Cayuga White W Sept 29-Oct 2 $7.00  
Gewürztraminer  W Sept 29-Oct 2 $19.75  
Valvin Muscat W Sept 29-Oct 2 $10.50  
DeChaunac R* Sept 29-Oct 2 $5.50  
Chardonnay W Oct 6-9
Chancellor R* Oct 6-9 $7.50  
Corot Noir R* Oct 6-9 $6.50  
Noiret R* Oct 6-9 $6.00  
Cabernet Franc R*  Oct 11 $ 1.95/lb AVAILABLE AS CRUSHED FRUIT ONLY
Cabernet Sauvignon R*  Oct 11 $1.95/lb AVAILABLE AS CRUSHED FRUIT ONLY
Catawba W  Oct 13-16 $5.00 MAJOR Component of RED ZEPPELIN 
Riesling W Oct 13-16 $18.00  
Traminette W Oct 13-16 $10.25  
Vidal Blanc W Oct 13-16 $8.25  
Vincent R* Oct 13-16 $8.00  
Syrah (NEW for 16) R* Oct 11 $2.65/lb AVAILABLE AS CRUSHED FRUIT ONLY

*Please let us know if you want SKINS for Red Varietals when you call in your order. 

 This year we will be offering Crushed Whole Fruit which will be destemmed right into your container. These will only be available the day they are harvested. Please call us at 607-243-7883 for pick-up details and availability. Pre-Orders only, must have own container. (6.5, 10 and 20 gal buckets available for sale) All varieties and supplies are subject to availability. (12-13lbs/ gal average yield). Please arrive 20-30 minutes prior to crush time.


Crushed REDS
Tuesday Pick-up ONLY
Baco Noir  Sept. 13  
Dornfelder N/A  
Leon Millot (Foster)  Sept. 13  
Marechal Foch  Sept. 20


Concord  Sept. 20  
Rosette  Sept. 20  
Rougeon  Sept. 20  
DeChaunac Sept. 27  
Pinot Noir Sept. 27  
Concord  Sept. 27  
Chancellor Oct. 4
Corot Noir Oct. 4
Merlot Oct. 4
Noiret Oct. 4
Concord  Oct 4  
Cabernet Franc Oct. 11  
Cabernet Sauvignon Oct. 11  
Syrah Oct 11  
Vincent Oct. 11  
Concord  Oct 11