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Join us at 1:00pm, Saturday April 2nd as we explore past, and current vintages of our Pinot Noir. We'll be tasting 3 past vintages (1996, 2003, 2010), the 2012(currently for sale), and a sample from what's in the barrels.

Ticket's are available for $25/person and $20/wine club member

Seats are limited, so purchase quickly!

What's so special about a vertical tasting?
Tasting the same variety over several vintages side-by-side can be educational and enlightening. One vintage may be subtle while the next is complex. Vertical tastings are how one can discover differences from one vintage to the next! Vertical tasting also allow you a chance to compare older vintages of a wine to younger ones, showing how the wine typically ages and evolves with time.
Join us for a vertical tasting of Pinot Noir on Saturday, April 2nd.





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