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About Yellow Peaches
Many will recognize this variety of peach because it’s the quintessential peach. They have a fuzzy thin skin and are red, pink, gold, or a beautiful blush color that’s a mix of all three. Yellow peaches are typically available in the spring through summer months.

​​As with most peaches, yellow peaches can be either of a clingstone or freestone variety. Clingstone yellow peach cultivars have flesh that is fibrous and firm, adhering to the pit in the middle of the fruit. Freestone yellow peach cultivars have flesh that is easier to separate from the pit when cut in half. For folks looking to eat a peach straight from the tree, freestone is typically preferred.

Yellow peaches are considered the traditional peach and are full of that classic, peachy flavor. Their sugar and acidity levels are well balanced, giving them a rounded flavor and a bit of tang. The flesh of the yellow peach is more acidic than a silver peach, so the longer they’re left to ripen, the more mellow the tartness will become.

Yellow peaches are rich in vitamin A and are known to offer protection from lung and oral cancers, which makes them popular for outright eating. They contain many important minerals, including potassium, fluoride, and iron, which makes them great for regulating heart rate and blood pressure. Beyond their health benefits, they are quite delicious when made in jams or jellies and can even be used in baked goods like pies and tarts. Freestone yellow peaches are ideal for cooking purposes, and clingstone yellow peaches are better suited for canning and preserving.

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