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About Cortland Apples
Developed by the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva, New York in 1898 and introduced to the market in 1915. It’s a cross of McIntosh and Ben Davis apples and is among the 15 most popular American apple varieties. The trees are well suited to freezing temperatures and are grown throughout the northeast and in Quebec and Ontario. Cortland apples have a crimson color against yellow background and can be sprinkled with short dark stripes. The white flesh is resistant to browning after cutting. Cortland harvest is typical for mid-late September through October.

It’s sweet compared to McIntosh, but it still has the tart characters associated with McIntosh type apples. With a crisp interior, Cortland is typically around 12.5% sugar at ripeness.

Being resistant to browning making this a great apple for slicing, and is well suited for baking in apple dumplings or pies. Also makes good salad topping or fruit kabob and apple slaw.

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