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Availability: May 4 - Jun 30

About Purple Passion Asparagus
Purple Passion asparagus is considered a connoisseur’s selection of asparagus, offering a more refined and sweet flavor. Purple Passion asparagus is purple because of anthocyanin, a natural pigment that also gives some berries (like blueberries, cranberries, and raspberries) their distinct dark coloring. In addition to changing the color of the vegetable, anthocyanin is also an antioxidant that can help improve the critical functions of the immune system.

Purple Passion asparagus are an early spring yielder, with stunning attractive smoky purple spears. The spears are tall and have pointed heads and are a bit more narrow than the Jersey Giant asparagus variety (but wider than others in the Jersey series). They can be harvested for about eight weeks before the plants go to seed.

As mentioned, many seek out Purple Passion asparagus because of its sweeter flavor. They have 20% more sugar than other asparagus varieties but that transforms into a mildly nutty flavor when cooked.

Purple asparagus has a sweeter taste than the more familiar green type and is best used in salads and other raw preparations because it loses its unique color and flavor when cooked.
However, unlike typical asparagus, Purple Passion spears are not stringy and the whole spear can be cooked without removing and discarding the end. For this reason, lots of folks still use them in cooked meals. Enjoy them in a variety of ways, including boiled, steamed, roasted, broiled, sauteed, grilled, or pan-roasted. They cook up in minutes as a healthy side dish for any meal.


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