' Fulkerson Winery - White Wine
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An Enjoyable, Zesty, Fruity, Pleasin' sweeter wine made from ripe green Niagara grapes. Serve chilled and enjoy with hot dogs, chicken wings, or your favorite Mexican Cuisine.
$8.50 per Bottle
$102.00 | $90.00 per Case
$17.00 per Bottle
A burst of fresh citrus-driven green grape flavors with a hint of pineapple on the finish.
$11.00 per Bottle
Other than Germany, the Riesling variety is better adapted to the Finger Lakes than any other area.
$14.00 per Bottle
An everyday light, crisp wine with lovely soft aromas of white peach. This lively fresh wine is taut with bright citrus tastes.
$14.00 per Bottle
A blend of our estate Rieslings, fermented in such a way to preserve all of the natural Riesling flavor and sweetness. 
$14.00 per Bottle