' Fulkerson Winery - Red Wine
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Our most popular blend, a sweet red wine made from Catawba and Rougeon, native and hybrid grape respectively. Try in a Sangria!
$8.50 per Bottle

An exotic blend of Noiret and Cabernet Sauvignon!

$13.00 per Bottle
The Cabemet Sauvignon grapes utilized in this wine were grown on heavy clay soils producing a flavorful dense wine.
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Dornfelder is a German red vinifera showing great promise. It is a cross between Helfensteiner and Heroldrebe grapes. Dornfelder is the 3rd most planted red wine grape in Germany. In the Finger Lakes region it is very scarce.
$13.00 per Bottle
Lemberger is officially classified under the name “Blauer Limberger,” this red grape variety also goes by the synonyms “Lemberger” and “Blaufränkisch.”
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The Merlot grape is a close cousin to Cabernet Sauvignon in many respects, Merlot is able to mature in regions that are cooler than those required for Cabernet Sauvignon. Merlot tends to be soft, fruity and smooth in texture.
$18.00 per Bottle