Family Grape
Type White, Classic (Vinifera)
Juice Price$19.95

Availability: Sep 30 - Oct 3

“The Spicy Grape”, Gewürztraminer is a very delicate variety originating along the Rhine in Germany and Alsace, France. Susceptible to a high level of shatter after fertilization (a condition called inflorescence necrosis) resulting in typically low yield (1-3T/acre) and high quality, reddish hue fruit. Usually harvested in late October, the spicy character of this variety results in hints of lychee fruit with a slightly musky flavor. A tendency of this variety to develop varietal character late in ripening makes the decision to harvest at the optimum level of acidity to ripeness a must for the winemaker.

One of the most individual tasting wines of the world, Gewürztraminer can sometimes top 23Brix at harvest. Pairs very well with curry dishes, spiced meat and strong cheeses. Gewürztraminer is a variety for a more accomplished winemaker, yet once conquered, can result in an extremely rewarding wine.

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