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About Gewürztraminer Grapes
Known as “The Spicy Grape”, Gewürztraminer is a very delicate variety originating along the Rhine in Germany and Alsace, France. Gewürztraminer’s parentage is hard to trace, but modern research predicts that it is a mutation of Roter Traminer (Savagnin Rose), classifying it as part of Savagnin-Traminer group of grape varieties. It is pink-skinned and best known and most successful in France’s Alsace region. Beyond France, it’s also grown Germany and Alto Adige in northern Italy. Because of their preference for cool weather, Gewürztraminer grapes are grown very limitedly in the United States, planted only in New York, California, and Washington.

Because Gewürztraminer grapes are susceptible to a high level of shatter after fertilization (due to a condition called inflorescence necrosis), they typically result in low yields of 1-3T per acre. They are usually harvested in late October, due to developing their varietal character late in the ripening cycle. This makes deciding when to harvest (so as to receive the optimum level of acidity to ripeness) of great importance to the winemaker.

The spicy character of Gewürztraminer grapes results in hints of lychee fruit with a slightly musky flavor. Gewürztraminer grapes are typically defined as tasting of rose petals, Turkish delight, tropical fruit, and/or perfume. On the palate, this variety is known for its full texture, low acidity, stonefruit (mango, peach, and apricot), and spicy (ginger and cinnamon) flavors.

These grapes get their distinctive aroma from the presence of monoterpenes in the grape skins (as do other varieties in the perfumed Muscat family). And, while many love a good Gewürztraminer, many others object to the strong aromas it puts out due to the low acidity, the residual sweetness, and the sometimes detectable astringency. As one of the most distinct, individual tasting wines of the world, Gewürztraminer can sometimes top 23 Brix at harvest. Wines made from this grape variety pair very well with curry dishes, spiced meat, and strong cheeses.

Gewürztraminer grapes are grown almost exclusively for wine creation. It is a difficult variety of grape to grow and requires a skilled winemaker in order to come to fruition. That said, it results in an extremely rewarding wine.

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