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Centennial 2013

Residual Sugar: 9.25%
Alcohol: 7%
Bottle Size: 750ML

Grape Variety
A blend of many different red dessert grapes. This newly created wine was developed for a momentous occasion... 200 years on the family farm! "Kissing Cousin" of Matinee! This beautiful rose' has a distinct minty and berry nose followed by a sumptuous sweet punchy taste of strawberries and citrus.

Tasting Notes
"Kissing Cousin" of Matinee! Our Sweet Rose' is fresh and bright with a distinct cool mint and strawberry nose. The taste is full and juicy, as sumptuous sweet punchy tastes of strawberries and minty cool citrus bombard your taste buds.

Food Pairings
A dessert wine to sip chilled or poured over fresh fruit. Also delicious as a reduced sauce with cherry crepes.


Photo by Stu Gallagher Photography

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