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Fulkerson Wine Making FAQ

Winemaking Questions

  • Do I need to add "Pectic Enzyme" to my juice?

    You should add pectic enzyme to your juice, this will break down any pectins and make your wine clearer. It will also reduce the amount of pectic haze that may appear in your wine.
  • What is "Racking" and when do I do it?

    Racking your wine is the process of taking your clear wine off the sediment, you do this with a pump and hoses or a siphon. The easiest way is to siphon with small tubing (1/2"maximum interior diameter) so that you get as much clear juice as possible. But do not worry if you siphon some sediment into your clean and sterilized carboy, this will be taken out in the next racking (after the aging process).
  • Do I need to sulfite my juice when I pick it up?

    No! Fulkerson Winery has already added a small amount of sulfite to the juice at the time of pressing, this reduces the chance for spoilage organisms in your juice. You do not need to add any sulfite, just add yeast, yeast nutrient, and any acid adjustments.