' Fulkerson Winery - FAQ


Q: What am I obligated to do when I sign up?
A:  We require you to take three shipments at a minimum. After that, you may cancel anytime with a written request submitted to wineclub@fulkersonwinery.com, or by mail.

Q: Can I change the wines that I will receive with my membership?
A: Currently there is no wine club that offers custom shipments. It is possible to customize your shipment once we've sent out the reminder notice if you want to substitute wines and/or add more bottles.

Q: Where can I find current Wine Club Benefits?
A: Current Wine Club Benefits can be found HERE.

Q: Where can I see Wine Club only Products?
A: Wine Club only products may not be available at all times, however when you log-in to your account. you will be able to see them in the "Shop" section of our website.

Q: Where can I find a copy of our Terms And Conditions?
A: Current Terms and Conditions are available HERE

Q: When can I cancel my Wine Club membership?
A: After three (3) Shipments.