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2014 Rose Release

Fulkerson Winery releases 2014 Rose.... >>

Will Riesling Always Reign in the Finger Lakes

Finger Lakes Riesling wines are considered world-class. Every local winemaker agrees that Riesling’s future is solidified and unlimited. >>

Wine-ing Your Way Thru the Finger Lakes

Tucked away in the middle of New York State is a series of lakes dating back to the Ice Age. Located about two hours northwest from New York City and three hours southeast from Toronto, Canada sits the magnificent Finger Lakes. >>

Top 10 NY Wines for your Holiday Party

Find Qwiker Liquor’s 10 New York wine picks for your holiday gathering... >>

Aromatic White Wines of the Finger Lakes; Part II

The Finger Lakes are full of high quality aromatic white whites, read on as three more are explored... >>

In the Finger Lakes, Sampling a Bit of Everything

In this fertile region you'll find literal tastes of heavenly goodness--along wine trails, beer trails, and cheese trails (oh my!)--and that's to say nothing of the friendly folk, deep history, and varied attractions. >>

Aromatic Whites from the Finger Lakes Offer Smell of Success

As the thermometer spikes upward in the month of May, the thoughts of this wine lover turn to crisp, chilled whites that can dispel the heat and humidity with the pop of a cork.... >>

Cool off with these 5 Finger Lakes white wines!

With its cool climate in western New York white wines excel in the region and are compared to the Rhine region in Germany due to the similar growing conditions. Riesling is king here with more acres planted by more than 2-1 over the next most planted, Chardonnay. OK here we go with the wines in no particular order….. >>

Traveling the Route des Grand Crus

The sloping vineyards, charming villages, and medieval castles in France’s Bourgogne region are a photographer’s dream. But it’s the Pinot Noir grape that has made the region – known as Burgundy to most Americans – the ultimate destination for wine lovers. >>

Passion Project: Making Ice Wine

Here's the thing: making icewine is a crazy project. It's insane to leave your grapes on the vine deep into the winter. >>

Opici Deal Expands Market

More markets and a broader consumer base are expected as a result of the acquisition of Finger Lakes Premium Wines by Opici Wine Group of Glen Rock, N.J. >>

Diamond: Concord Grape Hybrid

Perhaps the highest quality native varietal produced in the northeastern United States is the Diamond grape. Created in New York in the late 1800’s by crossing the popular Concord and the Iona (vinifera-labrusca) hybrid, the grape possesses many of the same characteristics as it’s more familiar. Diamond wines are usually clean and fruity (pineapple flavor), with a sweet finish. >>

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