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Pale ale malt combined with a medium caramel malt create a rich, copper color. Bitterness is balanced to match the malt character to create a smooth clean finish with moderate carbonation level.
One of the world's classic beer styles, this recipe is best enjoyed when lagered. Pilsner malt extract produces a straw color.-A dry beer that finishes with ample hop bitterness. This kit includes a lager yeast that will also perform well if fermented at ale temperatures.
From the bittering to the aroma hops, this kit provides the perfect balance for this clean, crisp pale ale.
A classic dark ale featuring chocolate and de-bittered black specialty grains to produce a nice, roasty, full-bodied beer with a balanced hoppy character.
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A medium-light bodied ale with a deep red hue.This Red Ale is smooth and easy drinking with a nice balance of caramel malts and specialty grains and a low hop bitterness