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Wine Club Information

How it works:

No cost to join!

Choose your level (3, 6, 9, or 12 bottles shipped quarterly)

Customize your shipment when we notify you of the shipping date. (We'll also pre-select wines if you forget to customize your shipment.)

Cost of shipment based on wines chosen. Shipping and applicable taxes & fees apply.

Current Member Benefits                                                    JOIN NOW!

  • Access to pre-release and limited production wines.
  • Premium access to Special Events
  • Discounts on Farmhouse Rental Rates.
  • Pre-release purchase options/announcements on select wines.
  • Free wine tastings for you & your guests anytime
  • 20% Discount on purchases store wide
  • No annual membership fee. The club billing is quarterly - 20% off the retail price of each of the 3 featured wines, or 25% off if you fill the case or are in the "Level 4 Club"
  • Choose shipping or pickup. If you have your wines sent we offer a discounted club shipping rate of $13.


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*Some exclusions apply to discount rates.  
**Taxes are not included in price range or shipping cost.

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