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November 20, 2016
 Learning about wine is a fun hobby. What can be even more fun is sharing the experience with friends? In this post, our Retail Manager, Christine McAfee takes you through how to do a blind tasting at home!


April 7, 2016
If you’ve visited a number of different wineries, you know that one of the main intentions is to sample the wine. Most of the time tasting notes are provided to give you a basic explanation of the grape variety and what you may experience in aroma and flavor. I have had many outstanding tasting experiences due to great wine, environment, and people.


January 14, 2016
Chemical senses are the most primitive of the specialized sensory systems. With an evolution of some 500 million years, it’s fitting that they deal with the most basic biological requirements of feeding and reproduction. It’s the feeding part of the equation that we will talk about today, in particular, wine and how our brains take certain aromas and flavors and render the information for their own purposes.


January 7, 2016
The temperature has dropped below 40 degrees and snow now covers the grounds and hills in the Finger Lakes. Local wineries quiet down in the tasting rooms, but out in the vineyards we’re making noise. For the 2015/2016 winter season, we’re ahead of the game as far as vineyard work.


December 28, 2015
Welcome to our Blog! My name is Steven Fulkerson, the General Manager at Fulkerson Winery. We would like to use this blog to reach out to our friends and customers to share our experiences and journey through the growth of our winery and the Finger Lakes wine industry.




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